Drain Re-Lining, Pipe Re-Rounding & Localised Patch Repair

Drain Relining

Damage to drains and pipework can be caused by a range of issues such as; voids created by broken pipes, in-grown tree roots and ground water leaking into the pipes. Pipe lining is used to restore damaged drains and pipework without the need for excavation. A variety of lining options and ways to avoid excavation (“no-dig” solutions) are available.

What is pipe relining?

It is simply a method of placing a new pipe in an existing damaged pipe without the need for excavation. The new pipe is moulded into the damaged pipe by an ingenious method called “inversion” using water or air pressure.

The relining of a pipe over excavation can often result in; lower costs, minimal disruption and return to fully working order quicker as well as strengthening of existing pipes.

Pipe Re-Rounding Process (Pitch Fibre Drains)

Over the years a lot of these traditional pipes have begun to deteriorate, causing the pipe to deform in shape and blister. This deformity causes a lot of blockages and can eventually fully close bringing a drain system to a stand still.

Using specialist equipment we are now able to reform these pipes, allowing a liner to then be installed, strengthening the re-rounded original pipe.

The re-rounder is hydraulically winched through the drain from the lead manhole to the receiving manhole. As the re-rounder travels through the drain it reforms the pipe as it goes. Once the drain has been reformed we then insert the new structural CIPP Liner.

Localised Patch Repair

But what happens if your pipe only has a small section damaged, what then?

At Watlington Drains our vehicles carry Localised Patch Repair kits. A simple one man method of repairing a pipe can be carried out there and then while on site.

Localised patch repairs work on the same principle as the re-lining system. You insert a sleeve into the section of damaged pipe and inflate it to a set pressure while it cures. Once cured you have a water tight repair that adheres to the existing pipe and can offer a variety of solutions to different problems.

Pipes Suitable for Localised Repair:

  • Clay
  • Plastic
  • Concrete
  • Pitch Fibre

Suitable Applications:

  • Cracked or fractured pipes
  • Pipes leaking at specific point or connection
  • Bridging and sealing open or displaced joints
  • Broken pipes or pipes with a piece missing
  • Covering changes in pipe diameter. e.g: 150mm > 100mm