Septic Tank Inspections

Watlington Drain Renovations is able to offer a full Septic Tank Inspection Service.

One of our engineers will enter into the tank to carry out cleaning, as well as carrying out a camera inspection.

Due to the risk involved, the inspection comes under the category of ‘confined space entry’ with the corresponding health and safety measures.

A harness is used to lower the engineer into the tank. Meanwhile because Septic Tank Gases can be extremely dangerous our operatives will use gas monitors and masks during the inspection.

Why have a septic tank inspection?

It is recommended that a full septic tank inspection is undertaken before purchasing a property. It is also helpful to ask the vendors to confirm the last date that the tank was emptied.

Tank inspections should also feature as part of your routine property maintenance.

How often should a septic tank be inspected?

Inspecting your septic tank every five years (or more frequently in the case of larger than average households) can help to identify potential problems early, before they have been able to cause expensive damage.