Drain Unblocking and Jetting

Drain Unblocking and Clearing

If you have a blocked drain, you might notice that you have slow water drainage or no waste water drainage at all.

Homes, businesses and catering establishments are all prone to drain blockages in some form or another, especially when toilets or kitchens are used extensively. These blockages can lead to inconvenience, embarrassment, and sometimes even loss of business.

High Pressure Jetting

Drain blockages can often be cleared quickly and easily with our high pressure water jetting system; a quick and effective way of clearing a blocked drain, cleaning the pipe system, or allowing easier CCTV drain surveying.

Our fully equipped call out van will come to you, with all the required specialist equipment on-board. An experienced drain engineer will insert the jet system into the drain, normally via the manhole cover nearest to the blockage, and powerful water jets will be turned on in order flush out the blockage.

However unlike drain rods, jetting hoses will negotiate several bends and junctions and can even be passed around gully traps. Most jetting units will carry up to a hundred metres of jetting hose. This ensures that jetting units are able to reach blockages that drain rods will get nowhere near. There are also specialist jetting heads for pipe descaling and for the removal of silt and debris from systems.

Traditional Drain Rods

We also use traditional drain rods to clear blockages, where high pressure jetting is not needed or not possible. Drain rods will punch a hole through blockages caused by tree roots or a build up of grease and fat.

Regular Drain Maintenance

A total blockage can be caused in pipework and drains by the gradual build up of various deposits such as;

  • Lime-scale
  • Fat deposits
  • Grease
  • Baby wipes
  • Washing machine powder / sludge
  • Roots

Remember that all residues build up over time and all drainage systems will need a clean at some point to keep things flowing. If you have a blocked pipe or a drain which needs unblocking, contact us today!

Blockage Prevention, Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Contracts

Watlington Drains offers fixed priced maintenance contracts to commercial customers. Working to an agreed schedule, we will arrange to come out to you several times a year and ‘service’ the drains; cleaning and checking that all drain systems are running as they should be, reducing the risk of any unforeseen problems and future potential blockages.

How drainage maintenance contracts save you money:
Because we are working to an agreed schedule, we can book in more jobs per day and we can therefore reduce our rate to you.
Because you are regularly visited by our engineers, potential problems that could arise with your drains can be dealt with before they occur.