Soakaway systems are designed to dissipate water into the ground, where it can replenish groundwater supplies.

Soakaways are required when it is either inappropriate or not possible for a land drainage system to link to the main sewage and drainage system. Placed in a backfilled hole underground the soakaway acts as a storage reservoir, that can cleanse and filter stormwater and / or septic tank outflow, before slowing releasing it into the ground.

There are a number of soakaway systems which Watlington Drain Renovations recommends, each with its own benefits and advantages:

AquaCell Soakaway

The Aquacell system comprises rectangular, modular plastic units which can be ‘clipped’ together to create a structure of the required size. The units can thus be used as a standard soakaway or a large underground storage reservoir. The recommended size will vary depending on the quantity of stormwater that is intended to be captured and dissipated.

  • Light-weight and economic
  • Ideal for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
  • Would suite large scale soakaway requirements (for instance new build housing estates)
  • Average life of 15 years

Soakaway Maintenance and Repair

Newer soakaway systems require minimal maintenance, however older systems have had a tendency to clog up with mud and silt which causes them to stop working.

We offer a full diagnosis, maintenance and repair service and can provide recommendations on how to prevent issues in the future.

Septic Tank Maintenance & Emptying

In order for septic tanks to continue to work efficiently they will ideally need to be emptied regularly. It will depend on the size of your property, water usage and the system that you have but we recommend every 6 months to keep the system working properly.

WDR offers a complete maintenance and emptying service for your septic tank.

If you notice that your tank is being emptied more regularly than before, it could be a sign that your soakaway is coming to the end of its life span. Please contact us for advice on what to and, if needed, a quote to repair it.

We would like to advise customers of the rule changes relating to septic tanks from 1st January 2020. More information here >>

Please note we no longer carry out the installation of new septic tanks.