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What is a Soakaway?

Soakaway systems are designed to dissipate water into the ground, where it can replenish groundwater supplies. Soakaways are required when it is either inappropriate or not possible for a land drainage system to link to the main sewage and drainage system. Placed in a backfilled hole underground the soakaway acts as a storage reservoir, that can cleanse and filter stormwater and / or septic tank outflow, before slowing releasing it into the ground.

Types of Soakaway

There are a number of soakaway systems which Watlington Drain Renovations recommends, each with its own benefits and advantages:

AquaCell Soakaway

The Aquacell system comprises rectangular, modular plastic units which can be ‘clipped’ together to create a structure of the required size. The units can thus be used as a standard soakaway or a large underground storage reservoir. The recommended size will vary depending on the quantity of stormwater that is intended to be captured and dissipated.

  • Light-weight and economic
  • Ideal for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
  • Would suite large scale soakaway requirements (for instance new build housing estates)
  • Average life of 15 years

Soakaway Maintenance and Repair

Newer soakaway systems require minimal maintenance, however older systems have had a tendancy to clog up with mud and silt which causes them to stop working.

We offer a full diagnosis, maintenance and repair service and can provide recommendations on how to prevent issues in the future.

Aquacell Soakaway

Installing an Aquacell Soakaway

Installing a Land Drain / Stone Soakaway

Installing a Land Drain / Stone Soakaway

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